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How to Load a Dumpster Efficiently

Waste materials that can be thrown in the dumpster.

The most helpful tools in doing huge projects like house renovations or property cleanouts are dumpsters. Most first-time dumpster users do not know how to fill or use them properly. Yes, we put garbage in a dumpster. But there are specific rules in throwing your trash in the dumpster, especially for dumpster rental. Hazardous waste and materials are strictly prohibited and you could be fined for doing so. There are non-hazardous waste materials that can be thrown in the dumpster. These include: 

Construction and Home Improvement Debris.

Most of the building materials can be thrown in a dumpster. However, some wastes are heavy and need a specialized dumpster.

Alkaline batteries.

Contrary to the belief of others, alkaline batteries are safe to throw in a dumpster. During the 1990s, alkaline batteries were considered hazardous because of the mercury content.

Empty and Drained Appliances.

Household appliances like dryers, washers, AC units, stoves, refrigerators can be thrown into a dumpster. But there is one warning though. They must be drained first as the fluids may contain toxic chemicals. 

Empty Aerosol Spray Cans.

The contents of aerosol cans contain dangerous chemicals like paint, insecticides, adhesives, solvents, and automotive spray. Make sure that the can is empty when you put it into the dumpster. Aerosol can may explode if thrown partially full. 

Wooden Furniture.

Wooden chairs, tables, shelves, racks, cabinets are acceptable to send to a landfill. However, upholstered furniture can be subject to rules depending on the state. 

Household and Yard waste.

Household waste includes everything that does not contain hazardous chemicals. While yard waste or vegetative waste refers to leaves, sticks, grass clippings, tree trimmings, and other environmental debris.

What are the tips and tricks in loading a dumpster?

  1. Break down large items. The best way to maximize space in your dumpster is to break things down. Large and bulky items such as wooden furniture, cardboard boxes, and foams should be broken down into small pieces. This will give you more space and provide better value for the rental.
  1. Flatten all Boxes. Reduce and flatten the boxes. Make sure that you cut or fold them into their flattest state to avoid forming pockets of unoccupied space at the bottom of the dumpster. 
  1. Distribute Weight Evenly. This ensures a properly balanced dumpster. If the weight is not evenly distributed the dumpster may move or shift during transit which is more dangerous. 
  1. Do Not Overfill the Dumpster. Customers tend to overfill the dumpsters. This will create a problem while heading to the landfill or recycling area. The load should not be over the top of the bin.
  1. Select an ideal loading spot. Renting the right dumpster is not enough. Make sure you choose the ideal loading spot. For example, if you’re renovating your living area, the dumpster should not be placed behind the house. Keep it in an easy access location.

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