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5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Residential Dumpster


Dumpster rental services aren’t supposed to be complicated or difficult to decide on. Nor should it be expensive. Instead, it’s a service created to bring peace of mind to every homeowner and business owner’s life. Yet, for first-timers, there can be a lot of confusion or missing information when it comes to how you are using the service.

To maximize the use of your roll-off container and the service provided by your contractor, it’s better to be aware of the common questions asked by fellow customers to their trusted dumpster rental contractor in the Meridian, Idaho area.

1. What are the prices and available sizes of your dumpsters?

In order to get a free quote with all the information, you must first think of the scope of your project. Is it for a minor cleanup project or a major construction? How much debris or waste do you expect to collect? These factors have effects on the rates we’ll offer and the size of dumpster to rent. Each size also varies in price, so it’s important to be sure what size will suit the project and your budget.

What are the prices and available sizes of your dumpsters - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

2. Are you licensed and insured?

Are you licensed and insured - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

For safety, it’s best to ask this question first. Equipment, employees, trucks, and everything else used for the project need to be licensed and insured in case of any unexpected scenarios during the operation. A dependable contractor must also provide liability insurance and a certificate upon client request.

3. What items do you allow in the dumpster?

Every contractor has their respective rules and regulations regarding the items they allow to be tossed in their dumpsters and those you cannot. Most dumpster rental providers prohibit junk like chemicals and other hazardous materials in their roll-off bins for a reason, usually for the safety of their employees and equipment. Therefore, this is an important question to ask your provider.

What items do you allow in the dumpster - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

4. How do you perform your recycling process?

How do you perform your recycling process - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

Your concern for the environment and the community should not end once you get rid of your wastes. Rather, asking your contractor about their process of recycling waste is necessary, too. This is to check if what they do is right and appropriate for all the trash they collect daily. Typically, dumpster rental contractors recycle items like paper, metal, wood, concrete, and also some electronic materials.

5. Can I pick the schedule for drop-off and pickup?

The time for drop off and pick up is highly essential. When discussing this information, you must be there to tell your service provider about the exact place where the trash bin must be put during the drop off. If the schedule you desire happens to be during your workday and no one’s home to assist them, ask if they can deliver the dumpster during break time or once you’re already home. Many dumpster rental companies prefer to drop off and pick up the roll off containers when the homeowner is not around, but it should still depend on your preference.

Can I pick the schedule for drop-off and pickup - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

More Tips for Renting A Residential Dumpster

More Tips for Renting A Residential Dumpster - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID
  • Choose a safe place on your property for the dumpster.
  • Avoid overfilling the dumpster.
  • Maximize the space in your dumpster by properly arranging your waste inside it.
  • Avoid putting anything inside plastic bags.
  • Find the best and most trustworthy dumpster rental company for the service.

Who Do You Call for Expert Dumpster Rental Services?

Break free from the worry of finding an amazing, dependable dumpster rental contractor near you in Meridian, ID. We’re here, so you need not look any further. Dumpster Rental Meridian ID offers to assist you in any junk removal and residential and commercial dumpster rental services you need. Renting one of our roll-off containers proves that it’s more practical and cost effective, given our competitive rates.

Who Do You Call for Expert Dumpster Rental Services - Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

We offer dumpsters of various sizes, always ready for same-day delivery. Our team of professional garbage associates makes sure to pick up your dumpster on time, ensuring that your area is clean and clear of any junk or unwanted items right away. We’ll help you reduce your expenses in repeatedly transporting to the landfill. With the right size dumpster one trip is usually all it takes.

The solution you need for the cleanup drive, construction project, and renovation you’re planning is here with us at Dumpster Rental Meridian ID. We are trained to perform these tasks in the safest and most effective way possible to guarantee customer satisfaction. Give us a call at 208-260-4184 to discuss our free quote and all your other concerns.

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