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Nampa is the largest city of Canyon Country, Idaho. The population has been on the rise and sat at just over 100,000 as of the 2020 census. It is considered Idaho’s third-most populated city and the second capital city of the Boise Metropolitan Area. The word “Nampa” came from a Shoshoni word which means footprint.

Nampa, Idaho, offers tourists and locals excellent attractions, rich significant landmarks, heritage, and a fascinating landscape filled with natural wonders.

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Nampa is also a popular destination for tourists who loves to relax and enjoy small city charm. It offers hangout places, exquisite restaurants, excellent golf courses with scenic views, enchanting wildlife sanctuaries, and many more. On this side of Canyon Country, tourists will never feel bored; instead, they will enjoy many things, from a fun picnic at Lake Lowel Park down to exploring the sceneries in Warhawk Air Museum.

Nampa has a lot of mesmerizing museums that guests must visit while they are in the city. The most famous is the Canyon Country Historical Nampa Train Depot Museum, situated at 1200 Front Street. There is also the famous Nampa Farmers Market. Nampa Farmers Market is a spectacular place to go, whether you want to understand the culture in Nampa better or you want to go shopping for some fresh produce products. 

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