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How Much Does Dumpster Rental Cost

Dealing with home and business projects is notoriously stressful, especially if you think about junk and debris removal. Even small renovations can gather a ton of waste, so it is essential to put the debris in the right place. The best option in any type of cleanout is dumpster rental. Most people think that dumpsters are only for large-scale projects. Not everyone is aware that they are helpful in several projects such as cleaning attics and flooded basements, remodels, renovations, landscaping, home building, and many more. Renting a dumpster saves you from the risk of accidents. 

How about the cost of a dumpster rental? Some people are hesitant as it might cost them a fortune. The rental cost depends primarily on the size and weight of the dumpster, including the length of time you keep the dumpster. The location may be a factor as well. The cost varies as every company has different policies. Some companies offer a discount if you eliminate recyclable waste. On average, the cost of the rental ranges from $300 to $500 depending on several factors. 

What are the factors that affect the dumpster rental?

Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID-What are the factors that affect the dumpster rental?


Expect to pay more if you rent a larger dumpster. The size is measured by the cubic yard. The most common sizes are 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Do not underestimate the amount of space that the project entails. Otherwise, you will end up renting another dumpster which will cost you more. In such a case, make sure you rent the larger size.


Dumpster rental companies based the prices on the weight of the debris and waste collected from their customers. The base price normally includes the weight limit. If you exceed the weight limit, additional fees are charged. Additional fees are between $60-100 per ton. To avoid these fees, refrain from filling your dumpster with excessive waste. To maintain the minimal cost, use the dumpster only for the junk it was intended for. 

Length of Rental Period

Trash disposal companies allow one week for dumpster rental. However, some companies only allow three days because occasionally, a homeowner will rent a dumpster and let it sit on their property with no activity. On the other hand, if the dumpster stays only for a day, a discounted rate may be given. Companies have additional fees if the bin exceeds the agreed rental period. 

Distance to Customer’s location

The customer’s location from the rental service plays a vital role in the cost. If the distance of the delivery site is miles away, it is safe to assume that it will cost you more. The driver’s wage, gas cost, and permits are often passed on to the customer. Traveling across the city to pick up the dumpster is another factor. To save money, the best option is to rent from a local company. 

Type of Debris

When you request a quotation, be sure to be specific when describing the type of junk materials that you will be putting in the bin. Most companies have special rates on recyclable materials such as recyclable construction materials, furniture, cardboards, and so forth. Keep in mind that certain household hazardous wastes are not accepted by most companies. 

Finding the Right Dumpster Rental Company

Finding the Right Dumpster Rental Company-Dumpster Rental Meridian, ID

If you are looking for a trash disposal company that offers efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions throughout central Idaho, Dumpster Rental Meridian ID is the right choice. We are a leading dumpster rental service in Meridian and surrounding towns. The company ensures hassle-free, safe, and proper disposal services. We are transparent and upfront in our prices, which eliminates any hesitation due to hidden costs. Our services include Residential Dumpster rental, Commercial Dumpster Rental, and Junk Removal. Our dumpsters will assist you in eliminating construction trash, yard waste, demolition waste, and concrete debris on your project site. We have roll-off containers in different sizes that best suit your needs. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, removing a concrete slab, or demolishing a small structure, our dumpster rental services can efficiently complete the job for you while providing value for your money. Aside from cost-efficiency, good reviews and proper qualifications are more important. If you need more details about your dumpster needs, give us a call at 208-260-4184 or visit our website. 

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