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Tips On Cleaning Out Your Basement

Tips On Cleaning Out Your Basement  - Dumpster Rental Meridian ID

We might all be aware of our home’s dirty secret – our basement. Our basements are often part storage, part washing, and without a doubt, disgusting. Cobwebs everywhere, dirt hidden beneath your washer and dryer, and perhaps even bugs. It’s undoubtedly one of the most neglected sections of the house when it comes to cleaning, and it’s also one of our least favorite areas to sanitize. However, at some point, we must deal with the garbage we’ve kept in the basement. This article will give you our top four recommendations for a quick basement cleanout.

Set A Cleaning Day

Set A Cleaning Day - Dumpster Rental Boise ID

Your cleanout will not be completed in a single day, no matter how much you want it. You’ll need a lot of time and energy to complete your major cleanup. Set aside a few days in your calendar that are convenient for you. You might want to devote a weekend to your downsizing project to finish it and relax into the workweek.

Classify The Junk

Classify The Junk - Dumpster Rental Caldwell ID

This is the most challenging task, especially if you’ve stored items in the basement. The truth is most of the items you keep down there no longer serve a purpose. We suggest that you sort through your belongings in one box or storage bin, creating three piles: items to discard, items to keep, and items to donate.

Organize Your Belongings into Sections

Organize Your Belongings into Sections - Dumpster Rental Eagle ID

After classifying the junk in your basement, you can start planning what you want to do with it. Maybe you’ve accumulated enough items to hold a rummage sale. Perhaps you have a collection of souvenirs that you want to store in a shed. This will also assist you in determining what you want to do with your prized possessions.

Dust The Hard-to-Reach areas

Dust The Hard to Reach areas - Dumpster Rental Kuna ID

If there’s one thing that basements have in abundance, it’s cobwebs. Sweep those unsightly webs away with a long-handled duster. Don’t overlook the spaces behind cabinets and give careful attention to the ceiling and corners of the basement.

Combat the Smell

Combat the Smell - Dumpster Rental Nampa ID

To complete your freshly cleaned basement, you’ll want to get rid of any remaining musty scents. Allow some fresh air into your basement by opening the windows. If not, enhance circulation with fans and remove moisture with a dehumidifier.

How Much Does a Basement Cleanout Cost?

How Much Does a Basement Cleanout Cost - Dumpster Rental Boise ID

A basement cleanout can cost around $400 on average. It all boils down to how much you need to throw away. Renting a roll-off dumpster is the most convenient way to clean out a house. Depending on your basement and the amount of clutter to be removed, a 10- or 20-yard container is the best option for cleaning it out. The average cost of a dumpster is about $375 to $450.

Expect to pay around $150 to $350 for a junk hauling service if you want someone to come to your home and remove the goods, but bear in mind that extra costs may be charged for some items. You’ll also need to be there while the junk removal business is working to coordinate efforts, and you’ll usually be charged based on the amount of space your goods take up in the truck, so you won’t have the final costs until the job is completed.

Make the Most of Your Basement

Make the Most of Your Basement - Dumpster Rental Nampa ID

Cleaning out a basement is a difficult task. You’ll have a lot of hard work ahead of you and some difficult decisions to make. But after it’s done, you’ll have a tremendous amount of space at your disposal and with endless options. Perhaps a home improvement project is next on the agenda? Dumpster Rental Meridian ID can help you with any project, whether a basement cleanout, a room remodel, or construction waste. Contact our team on your next cleanout project

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